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Body Connections Fitness & Massage Therapy


Theory and Group Fitness Certifications

Become a  SPRA Certified Fitness Leader!

Master Trainer/ Exercise Physiologist,  Laurie Idema-Wood partners with Sask Parks and Rec after clinic hours to provide quality fitness leadership and continuing education in the community. Laurie has been training instructors since the 1990s and has a wealth of experience in the fitness industry. Learn how to teach group fitness in your community! More questions about the process? Check out for more information.


How do you get started?

Step 1- Exercise Theory. Instructors must pass this exam with a mark of 80 percent or higher. 

Step 2- Group Fundamentals- includes a written exam

Step 3- Total Body Conditioning, Choreography,  or Cycle- includes a practical exam


How do you Register?

1.Register on our Register for Classes/ SPRA Courses page on our home screen 

2.Submit your payment when your registration has been accepted via etransfer to If you wish to pay via credit card, please call or text the office at 306-533-4387 so we can connect to obtain your information. Spaces are not held without payment.


Does your facility want to host a course? Let us know! We are happy to assist. 306-533-4387.


A few things to know:

1. Attendance of full hours is required for certification. All students must be healthy, fill out the Par Q form, and have their doctors permission to participate in an exercise program for the Group Fundamentals , Total Body Conditioning ,and Cycle Modules. Instructors must successfully complete Exercise Theory as a prerequisite to the practical modules.

2.-Location is Body Connections Fitness & Massage Therapy unless otherwise advertised- 1143 Lakewood Crt N. South side door.

3. Payment is via etransfer or you may pay with credit card over the phone. Registration is not complete without payment.

4.Please DO NOT park in the restricted parking at the back of the building or drop by the clinic without an appointment . We are treating patients during clinic hours and will respond to your calls and emails in a timely manner.

5. The cancellation policy for instructor trainings is $75 cancellation fee up to one week prior to the course date. No refund or credit upon cancellation with less than one weeks notice. All hours listed including practical exam times are mandatory for certification unless otherwise stated.

6. If we need to reschedule or cancel a course, we will give you one weeks notice and a full refund.




SPRA Exercise Theory Certification:

- learn basic anatomy, biomechanics, safety precautions, leadership techniques and more!

-step one in becoming a group fitness instructor

PLEASE NOTE: This  course is a prerequisite for all the Group modules

Exercise Theory- 8 students max

Dates:  (8 students max)- check out the Register for classes/ SPRA courses tab on the homescreen

Please plan to have your lunch out of the building. The clinic is not equipped to host lunch.

             Friday:  6 – 9:00 p.m.

             Saturday:  9am - 6pm

             Sunday:  9am- 6pm

Location: Body Connections Fitness and Massage Therapy (Regina)


The written exam will be at Body Connections or by appointment at SPRA office in Regina.

For more information or to register email or text 306-533-4387




-learn the basics of exercise application, class design and leadership skills, small equipment usage and exercise analysis

Upon completion, students will be certified to teach unchoreographed classes such as Bootcamp or Hiit. Please make note that this module is active. Come prepared to exercise.

- step two in becoming a group fitness instructor- participants must have successfully completed Exercise Theory before participating in this course

Location: Body Connections Fitness & Massage Therapy- 1143 Lakewood Crt N, Regina, Sk- south side door for more information regarding certification.

-please bring clean indoor running shoes, a towel, snacks, water bottle, paper and pen, and extra clothes to change into. Lunches are out of the building and not provided.

Group Fundamentals & Total Body Conditioning -Regina

Dates:  check out the register for classes/ SPRA courses tab

Times: Friday:  5:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday:  9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Location: Body Connections Fitness and Massage Therapy  (Regina)

Practical exam dates: $60- Please arrange to attend the practical exam as it is a requirement for certification. 

For more information or to register email or text 306-533-4387



Train the Core Safely


Location is Body Connections Fitness & Massage Therapy- 5 students max

email- to register

Tired of planks and don't know what else to do? Update your core training component of your class or training program. Suitable for fitness leaders, personal trainers or those seeking information for self interest. Join Master Trainer Laurie Idema-Wood for an interactive session on safe core training utilizing the bender ball, gliding discs, body weight and more! Review the anatomy of the core, biomechanics, and core training research. Walk away with an exciting , and effective  list of options and progressions. 4 CECs for SPRA .


Fitness Marketing Group Education- continuing education for fitness professionals

Barre Above Instructor , Balletone, and Tabata GX  Instructor Certification- 2019, 2020  dates and information on