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Body Connections Fitness & Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Forms:

Massage therapy clients must fill out this form before every appointment:

1. Covid-19 pre- appointment form- MTAS-  print this off, fill it in, and bring it with you to your appointment.

OR : This is now sent to you the day before your appointment.  You can fill it in on your phone and sign with your finger , then hit submit. When you make an appointment in person, we can also send you the form link.


Massage therapy : First appointment forms

Please fill all of these out as well as the Covid-19  form above and send to . You may also bring your completed forms to your appointment.

1.  Patient History

2.  Consent to Treatment

3.  /bodyconnectionsfitnessmassagetherapy/doc/email%20and%20text%20message%20consent%20form.rtf


Exercise Therapy and Fitness Student Forms- Please print these off, fill in, and bring to your first class

1. /bodyconnectionsfitnessmassagetherapy/doc/Fitnesscovid19screeningform.doc- Fitness students and exercise therapy clients please fill this out and send prior to your every visit- If you are a massage therapy patient, this is the wrong form. See above 

2.  Get Active Questionnaire for Exercise Therapy

3.  ParQ Form for Fitness Students

4.  Waiver for Fitness Students