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Body Connections Fitness & Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Forms:

Massage therapy clients must fill out this form before every appointment:

1. Covid-19 pre- appointment form- MTAS-  There and now 3 ways you can fill this form out before your appointment:

A)This is now sent along with your appointment reminder as an attachment to the website before each visit. You can fill it in on your phone and sign with your finger , then hit submit. When you make an appointment in person, we can also send it you

B) It is also posted above for your convenience should you rather print it off , fill it out and bring to your appointment. Click on the above underlined red form. You may also take a photo of your  signed form and email it to

C) The form is also included in the text of your appointment reminder. You can print that off, sign and email or send a photo to


Massage therapy : First appointment forms :

Please fill all of these out as well as the red form above and send to . You may also bring them to your appointment

1.  Patient History

2.  Consent to Treatment

3.  /bodyconnectionsfitnessmassagetherapy/doc/email%20and%20text%20message%20consent%20form.rtf


Exercise Therapy and Fitness Student Forms

1. /bodyconnectionsfitnessmassagetherapy/doc/Fitnesscovid19screeningform.doc- Fitness students and exercise therapy clients please fill this out and send prior to your every visit- If you are a massage therapy patient, this is the wrong form. See above 

2.  Get Active Questionnaire for Exercise Therapy

3.  ParQ Form for Fitness Students

4.  Waiver for Fitness Students